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As former federal prosecutors, we understand the pain and difficulties associated with being the victim of sexual assault. Our team of experienced attorneys have sought justice for victims of sex crimes for over a decade in state, federal, criminal and civil courts.

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Experienced legal representation for sexual assault victims

  • Former federal prosecutors experienced in investigating and prosecuting sex crimes
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Sexual Assault Cases Explained

Florida Sexual Assault Lawyers

What is sexual assault?

The term “sexual assault” encompasses a wide range of behaviors, including but not limited to sexual touching of a non-consenting person, sexual battery, and sexual coercion. It is a crime that is taken very seriously.

What is a sexual assault lawsuit?

In a sexual assault lawsuit, a victim to seeks compensation for any damages suffered as a result of the attack, such as medical expenses, therapy costs, and pain and suffering.

In Florida, a victim may often sue their attacker for the intentional tort of battery.

In some cases, a sexual assault victim in Florida may also be able to sue third parties, such as an employer, school, business, rideshare company, or organization, for failing to take appropriate action to prevent the sexual assault or for failing to respond appropriately after the attack. These lawsuits can be complex, but are often the most important avenue for relief.

Can sexual assault lawsuits be brought without a police report?

Yes. Sexual assault lawsuits can be brought even where the victim chose not to report the assault to the police. Many victims chose not to report their sexual assaults to the police. In Florida, a sexual assault victim who has chosen not to report their assault to the police may still bring a sexual assault lawsuit.

What is the deadline to bring a sexual assault claim in Florida?

Generally, the statute of limitations for negligence and intentional torts in Florida is four years.

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Our team of attorneys has been featured in numerous national and international publications for victories in criminal and civil law:

Andrew Elfmont

I have known these lawyers for years and watched their careers as federal prosecutors. There is no firm I would recommend more or rather represent me.

January 3, 2023
Matt Giordano

John is an excellent lawyer and person. He has an excellent track record going back to his days as a federal lawyer. I fully recommend working with him and his team, you’ll be glad you did.

January 3, 2023
Jonathan Armstrong

John Byrne is a highly talented lawyer, very hardworking and experienced, and takes advocacy and his ethical duties seriously

January 5, 2023
Moss Levenson

I have not encountered better legal thinkers and strategists. John has worked many large cases, going all the way back to his time as a federal prosecutor. Excellent in trial.

January 17, 2023

Our Cases

Over 1 Billion Dollars Recovered

$1.12 Billion Building Collapse

More than 1 Billion Dollars awarded to victims and families of victims of the 2021 Surfside Condominiums Building Collapse

$66 Million commercial arbitration

$66 million awarded to our client in a confidential commercial arbitration agreement

$26 Million Ponzi Scheme Class Action

$26 million preliminary class settlement against bank relating to Ponzi scheme

$4 Million Auto Accident

$4 million, record, recovery against Miami-Dade County for infant injured in accident with police cruiser

$3.9 Million Wrongful Death

$3.9 million confidential wrongful death recovery

$2.5 Million Stolen Funds Tracked

$2.5 million in stolen funds tracked to and frozen in Germany on behalf of corporate client

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