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Attorney Referrals

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Maderal Byrne & Furst PLLC accepts attorney referrals. We are grateful for the many legal professionals who place their trust in our law firm.

If you believe that you may have a case to refer to, please contact our offices. Learn more about how we accept referrals. We spend a significant amount of time reviewing cases, and we are happy to look at your case, no matter how simple or complex it might be.

Call or email us to connect with one of our managing attorneys and discuss your referral.

Cases We Handle – Personal Injury, Mass Tort, and Complex Litigation

We handle a wide variety of personal injury and complex mass tort litigation. Some types of cases include:

  • Mass torts
  • Class actions
  • Personal injury
  • Wrongful death
  • Zantac, Elmiron, Tylenol, and other dangerous/defective drugs
  • Product liability
  • Car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents
  • Complex commercial litigation & fraud
  • Slip and fall
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Catastrophic injury

Referral Fees Paid

We thank you for considering Maderal Byrne & Furst for your attorney referral. To the extent allowed, we pay referral fees. We are committed to the maximum amount of fee sharing/referral fees allowed by bar rules and judicial ethics. We are grateful for your referral, and we are committed to paying referral fees or crediting them to the client at your option.

In Florida, fee sharing is allowed in contingency cases as long as the case meets certain circumstances and requirements are followed. If you refer a case to our office, we will structure a referral fee and place it in writing. All our referral agreements comply with applicable rules and ethics.

Maderal Byrne & Furst accepts referrals in Florida and nationwide.

Why Choose Us for Your Case Referral?

Commitment to success

Ultimately, when you refer a client to another law firm, you place your trust in them to get results for your clients. We are a team of highly accomplished litigators: former federal prosecutors with a history of leadership in multi-million dollar litigation nationwide.

Through dozens of jury trials and even arguing before federal courts of appeals, we have gained the experience to handle even the most complex cases. Know that you have entrusted your client to a team with the skill and expertise to handle their case, however simple or complicated it may be.


We are committed to transparency in representation both in the referral process and in handling your client’s legal matter. This transparency results in higher satisfaction for our mutual clients.

Clear and client-friendly fee agreements

Our law firm isn’t designed to generate massive hourly bills. Contingency fees are often used, and flat-fee and blended arrangements may also be possible. Our fee agreements are designed to be client-friendly, helping them achieve their goals.

Referral fees paid

It’s important to us to pay your referral fee. We are committed to delivering the maximum referral fees possible, and we appreciate your referral. Each fee amount will be placed in writing as part of our commitment to transparency.

Accepting Referrals – Contact Us Now

We are a team of former federal prosecutors who are committed to protecting the rights of our clients. We are leaders in complex litigation on a national scale. Whether the case is large or small, our dedicated team of experienced attorneys is committed to serving your client through legal excellence.

If you have a case you think we can help with, please contact us now. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Get In Touch

(305) 520-5690

Get in touch with Maderal Byrne & Furst PLLC by calling or using the form below:

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