Complex Commercial​ Litigation

Too often high stakes commercial litigation is handled without the most critical strategic question in mind: what is the business goal and will litigation best achieve it?

At Maderal Byrne PLLC every potential commercial representation begins with this strategic question. We focus on being able to achieve business goals through litigation where others cannot. Our lawyers are trial-focused and bottom-line oriented. We litigate efficiently and straight to the point. 

Once a dispute has escalated to the point of litigation, success is derivative of being prepared and able to win at trial in front of a judge, jury, or arbitrator. It is only when your adversary knows you are ready, willing, and able to try the case that you can drive results at the negotiating table. Much of that depends on who your lawyers are. 

We have tried cases in state and federal courts and argued in the U.S. Court of Appeals. We have resolved, and been appointed to leadership positions in complex criminal and civil cases. John Byrne has been involved in bet-the-company litigation, and won a $66 million-dollar judgment. Frank Maderal has successfully chased located stolen money across continents. 

There are times we have helped our clients and potential clients achieve their business goals in a matter of weeks or just a single phone call, avoiding needless litigation altogether. 

Most importantly, our firm simply isn’t designed to generate massive hourly bills, and we often prefer contingent, flat-fee or blended arrangements where feasible.

If you have a commercial dispute and are considering or facing the possibility of litigation, please contact us.

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